Magnus Home Products D-Shaped Solid Brass Popularity Shower 26" 60" x Rod x,Home,D-Shaped,Products,/mooned1962071.html,Magnus,,$174,26",,Brass,Shower,60",Solid,Home Kitchen , Bath,Rod, $174 Magnus Home Products D-Shaped Solid Brass Shower Rod, 60" x 26", Home Kitchen Bath x,Home,D-Shaped,Products,/mooned1962071.html,Magnus,,$174,26",,Brass,Shower,60",Solid,Home Kitchen , Bath,Rod, $174 Magnus Home Products D-Shaped Solid Brass Shower Rod, 60" x 26", Home Kitchen Bath Magnus Home Products D-Shaped Solid Brass Popularity Shower 26" 60" x Rod

Magnus Home Products D-Shaped Solid Popularity Brass Popularity Shower 26

Magnus Home Products D-Shaped Solid Brass Shower Rod, 60" x 26",


Magnus Home Products D-Shaped Solid Brass Shower Rod, 60" x 26",

Product description

Style:60" x 26" , Polished Nickel

This heavy-duty brass D-style shower rod enables you to build a bathroom surround. Made of solid brass and featurning decorative flanges, this unit is perfect for almost any bathroom.1" OD Solid Brass TubingJumbo Flanges and Loop Connectors IncludedItem Ships in 4 PiecesAdjustable by Cutting EndsCeiling Support Needed for Stability (Sold Separately) | D-Shaped Solid Brass Shower Rod, 60" x 26", Polished Nickel, 4.0 lb

Magnus Home Products D-Shaped Solid Brass Shower Rod, 60" x 26",

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We are a leading supplier to the global Life Science industry with solutions and services for research, biotechnology development and production, and pharmaceutical drug therapy development and production.

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