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Men’s American Patriot Short Sleeve Sale price Cargo Shorts Virginia Beach Mall Jersey Bib or

Men’s American Patriot Short Sleeve Jersey, Cargo Bib Shorts, or


Men’s American Patriot Short Sleeve Jersey, Cargo Bib Shorts, or

Product Description

Gravel Cycling Jersey Road Cycling Kit Cycling Jersey and Bib Shorts USA American Patriot Jersey Bib Shorts Bike Cycling Blue Cycling Jersey Bib Shorts Kit Set
Men's Apex Jersey and Bib Shorts Men's Blue Classic Jersey and Bib Shorts Men's Black Classic Jersey and Bib Shorts Men's All-American Jersey and Bib Shorts Men's Predator Jersey and Bib Shorts
Designed for road and gravel
Four jersey pockets, including one zip pocket for valuables
Two hidden thigh pockets on bib shorts
Elastic grippers
Breathable, moisture wick fabric

Welcome to Urban Cycling Apparel

Urban Cycling Apparel

What makes Urban Cycling Apparel different?

  • We sell fresh, classic cycling jerseys and bib shorts that fit and look great.
  • We offer the largest selection of MTB short styles in the world. And we include a padded underliner with nearly all of our MTB shorts.
  • Our cycling jerseys and bib shorts are made from breathable Italian fabrics.
  • Our standard bib shorts have hidden cargo pockets on the thighs, perfect for a key, some cash, or your favorite snack.
  • Our Kona tri suits are simply the best triathlon suits in the world. Seriously.
  • We offer children’s MTB shorts for mountain biking and children’s trisuits for young triathletes.

Based in Joplin, Missouri, we well premium cycling apparel worldwide. Our goal is to get everyone on a bike. To do so, we design and manufacturing premium cycling apparel for casual, road, gravel, and MTB cycling; as well as Kona Tri Apparel for triathletes.

Toby Teeter, Co-Founder

Urban Cycling Apparel amp; Kona Tri Apparel

Men’s American Patriot Short Sleeve Jersey, Cargo Bib Shorts, or

LACCD Official COVID-19 Updates



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