Anderson's Happy Thanksgiving Yard Sign 17 Ranking TOP11 Set Decorations of /digmeat66034.html,Anderson's,Thanksgiving,Happy,,of,Set,17,,Decorations,,Sign,$91,Yard,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor /digmeat66034.html,Anderson's,Thanksgiving,Happy,,of,Set,17,,Decorations,,Sign,$91,Yard,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor $91 Anderson's Happy Thanksgiving Yard Sign Decorations, Set of 17, Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor Anderson's Happy Thanksgiving Yard Sign 17 Ranking TOP11 Set Decorations of $91 Anderson's Happy Thanksgiving Yard Sign Decorations, Set of 17, Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor

Anderson's Happy Thanksgiving Yard Sign Year-end annual account 17 Ranking TOP11 Set Decorations of

Anderson's Happy Thanksgiving Yard Sign Decorations, Set of 17,


Anderson's Happy Thanksgiving Yard Sign Decorations, Set of 17,

Product description

Color:Happy Thanksgiving Letters

Spell out your Thanksgiving wishes in a decorative way with this "Happy Thanksgiving" Yard Signs Decorations Set. With a minimal amount of assembly you will have 17 letters to proudly display in front yards, back yards, gardens, by fences and sidewalks, and line your driveway. They're also fun outdoor decorating ideas for schools, businesses, local parks, beaches, and more! The complete Happy Thanksgiving Yard Signs Set includes (17) letters that spell "Happy Thanksgiving" in colors of orange, black, blue, brown, and gold to represent autumn colors, and (17) metal H-stakes for display. Letter yard signs measure 21" high x 10"-22" wide (not including stakes). Gently punch out the signs from the plastic corrugated sleeve and attach a metal H-stake to it. Then, push the ends of the stake into soft earth to create decor in front of your home, store, school, park, or business. The plastic corrugated material of these Yard Signs is water-proof and weather-resistant, so they're durable enough to use almost any kind of weather. People of all ages will love the extra bit of effort you take to decorate for Thanksgiving season. NOTE: Assembly is required; instructions are included.

Anderson's Happy Thanksgiving Yard Sign Decorations, Set of 17,

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